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When someone you love dies you don’t want to be rushed into making decisions about how to celebrate their life while you are coping with their loss.

As part of the Picaluna network of Celebrants and Funeral Directors I am dedicated to offering choices and empowering you to choose a better way to say goodbye to the person you love, through personalised funerals, memorials and life celebrations.​

I create inspirational, affordable and authentic farewells. Whether it’s a traditional church or crematorium chapel funeral, a home funeral, or choosing a venue that better represents that person’s passions and interests, you are involved and, if you wish, participating every step of the way.​

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Picaluna’s values are underpinned by 100% price transparency, plus the donation of 5% of our profit from every funeral supports a charity of your choice.  Which charity would you like to support?

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