Memorials and Living Wakes


Most funerals are held in a church or a crematorium with the loved one’s coffin present in the chapel. Did you know that it is possible to have a private cremation and then celebrate the life of your loved one at a time and place of your choosing? Your garden, perhaps?
A beach or a park or at a venue where you share some food along with great memories of that special person? Talk to me about the possibilities.

Living Wake

Living Wakes

Living Wakes are still not very common in Australia but what a wonderful idea!
Imagine how your loved one would feel to be present to hear all the lovely experiences of their lives being shared with everyone they love, from memories to tributes.
Generally a Living Wake is held for someone with a terminal illness or simply approaching the end of their life through old age. Either way it seems such a shame for all those lovely sentiments not to be shared with the person you love.

Talk to me about some of the options available – you will be surprised!

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